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Oracle Exadata Startup Shutdown Tips


Oracle Exadata Startup Shutdown Tips

Shutdown and Startup Exadata

Shutdown steps

1.Shutdown database(s)

$ srvctl stop database -d DB_NAME

2.Stop Cluster Resources(Grid Infrastructure)

$ crsctl stop cluster -all

Or stop CRS on each database server node

$ crsctl stop crs

3.Shutdown all Cell Servers

$ dcli -g cell_group -l root "su - celladmin -c \"cellcli -e alter cell shutdown services all \""

Or shutdown each cell server one by one

$ service celld status
$ service celld stop

4.Shutdown database cell server

$ dcli -g cell_group -l root poweroff

Or shutdown each one by one

$ shutdown -h -y now


1.startup cell servers from Database server using the following command.

for host in `cat cell_group`; do
echo ${host}: `ipmitool -H ${host}-ilom -U root -P Welcome1 chassis power on`

You can also startup exadata by using ILOM.

$ dcli -g cell_group -l root 'hostname; uptime'
$ dcli -g cell_group -l root "su - celladmin -c \"cellcli -e list cell detail \""

2.Check DB&Cluster

$ crsctl status res -t
$ ps -ef | grep smon

3.Start Cluster

crsctl start cluster -all

4.Start DB

$ srvctl start database -d DB_NAME

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