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Oracle Create PDB Tips


Oracle Create PDB Tips

Create pluggable nologging option

Using nologging to reduce the time of creating pdb.

21:48:29 SYS@PRODCDB> @1.sql
21:48:30 SYS@PRODCDB> create pluggable database pdbprod3 from pdbprod1 file_name_convert=('PDBPROD1','PDBPROD3') nologging;

Pluggable database created.

21:49:00 SYS@PRODCDB> 
21:49:18 SYS@PRODCDB> @2.sql
21:49:18 SYS@PRODCDB> create pluggable database pdbprod6 from pdbprod1 file_name_convert=('PDBPROD1','PDBPROD6');

Pluggable database created.

21:50:02 SYS@PRODCDB> 
nologging: 30 seconds
logging  : 34 seconds


Create Pluggable database PDB Tips
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