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[原创]DB2 简单入门序列-0.Introduction




DB2是IBM的关系型数据库产品。Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)



最初,IBM是在他们特别平台下开发出DB2产品,从1990年才开始决定在开放平台(Linux, UNIX, and Windows)下开发Universal Database (UDB) DB2 Server。


Version Code Name
3.4 Cobweb
8.1, 8.2 Stinger
9.1 Viper
9.5 Viper 2
9.7 Cobra
9.8 It added features with Only PureScale
10.1 Galileo
10.5 Kepler

Data server editions and features

Editions Features
Advanced Enterprise Server Edition and Enterprise Server Edition (AESE / ESE) It is esigned for mid-size to large-size business organizations. Platform - Linux, UNIX, and Windows. Table partitioning High Availability Disaster Recovery (HARD) Materialized Query Table (MQTs) Multidimensional Clustering (MDC) Connection concentrator Pure XML Backup compression Homogeneous Federations
Workgroup Server Edition (WSE) It is designed for Workgroup or mid-size business organizations. Using this WSE you can work with - High Availability Disaster Recovery (HARD) Online Reorganization Pure XML Web Service Federation support DB2 Homogeneous Federations Homogeneous SQL replication Backup compression
Express -C It provides all the capabilities of DB2 at zero charge. It can run on any physical or virtual systems with any size of configuration.
Express Edition It is designed for entry level and mid-size business organizations. It is full featured DB2 data server. It offers only limited services. This Edition comes with - Web Service Federations DB2 homogeneous federations Homogeneous SQL Replications Backup compression
Enterprise Developer Edition It offers only single application developer. It is useful to design, build and prototype the applications for deployment on any of the IBM server. The software cannot be used for developing applications.