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Oracle sqlplus plugin rlwrap install Tips


Oracle sqlplus plugin rlwrap install Tips

1. Download RPM PBone rpm file

rlwrap download site:


rlwrap_ext download site:


2. Install rpm via root user

rpm install eg: redhat 6

rpm -ivh rlwrap-0.42-1.el6.x86_64.rpm

3. Setting

create tab key file


alias sqlplus in .bashrc/.bash_profile

alias sqlplus='/usr/bin/rlwrap -if $HOME/.oracle_keywords $ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus'

we can use $HOME/.oracle_keywords to customize our tab key word.

The other way is using rlwrap_ext to extend our keyword in sqlplus by the following way.

Copy rlwrap_ext via root user

cp rlwrap-extensions-V12-0.01.tar.gz /usr/share/rlwrap/completions
cd /usr/share/rlwrap/completions
tar ztvf rlwrap-extensions-V12-0.01.tar.gz
tar zxvf rlwrap-extensions-V12-0.01.tar.gz 
vi sql+


R_HOME=${RLWRAP_HOME:=/usr/local/share/rlwrap/completions} After:


cp -p sql+ asm+ /usr/local/bin

[oracle@edtkrVMp0 ~]$ which sql+
[oracle@edtkrVMp0 ~]$ which asm+
[oracle@edtkrVMp0 ~]$ 

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