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Oracle 19c Schema User Tips


Oracle 19c Schema User Tips

One nice new feature of Oracle Database 18c is that schemas can be created without a password. These are called “Schema Only Accounts“. This new functionality is pretty simple and is a nice step forward that can allow administrators to further secure their databases and protect their applications.

从19c开始,大部分Oracle-provideds chemas,除了SYS,SYSTEM以及Sample Schema User Accounts都是Schema Only Account。


我们可以通过dba_users数据字典的authentication_type字段来判断,如果是NONE,表示该account是Schema Only的。

当我们确实有需要的时候,可以为这些帐户分配密码,但是为了更好的安全性,Oracle 建议您使用完毕后将它们再设置为Schema Only。


Test Case

测试场景: 创建了app_user01,这用户具有创建表的权限,但因为是schema only用户,不能远程连接

Connected to:
Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production

SYSTEM@pdb1> set timing off
SYSTEM@pdb1> create user app_user01 no authentication;

User created.

SYSTEM@pdb1> col username for a40
SYSTEM@pdb1> col password for a20
SYSTEM@pdb1> set linesize 1000
SYSTEM@pdb1> set pagesize 1000
SYSTEM@pdb1> SELECT username, password, password_versions, account_status, authentication_type FROM dba_users WHERE username like '%APP_USER%';

USERNAME                                 PASSWORD             PASSWORD_VERSIONS ACCOUNT_STATUS                   AUTHENTI
---------------------------------------- -------------------- ----------------- -------------------------------- --------
APP_USER01                                                                      OPEN                             NONE


SYSTEM@pdb1> grant create session , create table to app_user01;

Grant succeeded.


创建具有create session 的proxy用户:proxy_user01,赋予app_user01用户具有通过proxy_user01进行连接的权限

SYSTEM@pdb1> create user proxy_user01 identified by oracle;

User created.

SYSTEM@pdb1> grant create session to proxy_user01;

Grant succeeded.

SYSTEM@pdb1> alter user app_user01 grant connect through proxy_user01;

User altered.



[oracle@localhost ~]$ sqlplus proxy_user01[app_user01]/oracle@pdb1

SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Fri Mar 13 08:28:30 2019
Copyright (c) 1982, 2018, Oracle.  All rights reserved.
Connected to:
Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production

APP_USER01@pdb1> show user;
APP_USER01@pdb1> create table tab01(id int);

Table created.


APP_USER01@pdb1> insert into tab01 values(1);
insert into tab01 values(1)
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01950: no privileges on tablespace 'USERS'


Some Tips

关于Schema Only Account的一些说明:

1.可以是 administrator 和 non-administratoraccounts / Schema only accounts can be used for both administrator and non-administrator accounts.

2.这种account只能在database instance中创建,不支持 ASM instance / Schema only accounts can be created for database instance only. Same is not valid for ASM environment.

3.可以授予 system privileges (比如CREATE ANY TABLE)和管理员角色(比如DBA) / You can grant system privileges ( create ant table)  and admin roles (like DBA) to schema only accounts.
tips:18c中Schema Only Account不能拥有SYSDBA,SYSOPER, SYSBACKUP, SYSKM, SYSASM, SYSRAC, SYSDG这些管理权限,19c中取消了这一限制。 /   But in 18c, administrative privileges like sysdba/sysoper/sysasm can’t be granted to schema only accounts.

4.可以创建对象 如tables 、procedures等(根据所授权限决定) / Can create any objects according to the privileges.

5.可以配置通过 single session proxy的方式连接访问 / Can connect by proxy user.

6.不能通过 data base link 使用 / Schema only accounts can’t connect through db links.

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