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ipmitool Oracle Exadata IPMI — Intelligent Platform Management Interface, an interface standard that allows remote management, of a server from another, using standardized interface and to check status of components.


# ipmitool
# ipmitool -h         --- Help
# ipmitool -help
# ipmitool -H cel01-ilom -U root chassis power on      --- To power on a cell or database server, issue this from another server

# ipmitool sel          --- To show System Event Log
# ipmitool sel list     --- To know the details of the System Event Log
# ipmitool sel list | grep ECC | cut -f1 -d : | sort -u
# ipmitool sensor
# ipmitool sensor list
# ipmitool sensor list | grep degree
# ipmitool sdr | grep -v ok
# ipmitool lan print
# ipmitool chassis status
# ipmitool power status

# ipmitool sunoem cli       -- To Print System Event Log
# ipmitool sunoem cli "show /SYS/T_AMB value"
# ipmitool sunoem cli "show /SYS product_serial_number"     -- To Print Product Serial Number
# ipmitool sunoem cli "show /SYS/MB/BIOS"      -- To Print BIOS information

dcli -g all_group -l root "ipmitool sensor list | grep "degrees" | grep " T_AMB" | grep "db0"

~~~ LinHong 2017/10/15 ~~~~

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