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docker 常用命令操作和说明

build 根据Dockerfile 构建出一个容器

  --no-cache=false Do not use cache when building the image
  -q, --quiet=false Suppress the verbose output generated by the containers
  --rm=true Remove intermediate containers after a successful build
  -t, --tag="" Repository name (and optionally a tag) to be applied to the resulting image in case of success

commit 根据现有的容器的改变创建一个新的容器镜像

  -a, --author="" Author (eg. "John Hannibal Smith <>"
  -m, --message="" Commit message

cp 从容器里面拷贝文件/目录到本地一个路径

diff 列出一个容器里面被改变的文件或者目录,list列表会显示出三种事件,A 增加的,D 删除的,C 被改变的。

events 从容器中获取实时事件

  --since="" Show all events created since timestamp
  --until="" Stream events until this timestamp

export 把容器的内容打包成tar包输出到标准输出

history 显示一个镜像的历史

  --no-trunc=false Don't truncate output
  -q, --quiet=false Only show numeric IDs

images 列出镜像列表

  -a, --all=false Show all images (by default filter out the intermediate image layers)
  --no-trunc=false Don't truncate output
  -q, --quiet=false Only show numeric IDs

import 从一个tar包创建一个新的镜像

  Usage: docker import URL|- [REPOSITORY[:TAG]]

info 显示docker系统的信息

inspect 返回系统或者镜像的一些低层次的信息,默认会返回一些JSON格式的信息,如果你指定其他输出格式,也会显示其他格式的输出

kill kill一个运行的容器,发送SIGKILL信号,或者其他你指定的信号

load 在标准输入加载一个tar包格式的镜像

    -i, --input="" Read from a tar archive file, instead of STDIN

login 登陆registry server

  -e, --email="" Email
  -p, --password="" Password
  -u, --username="" Username

logs 从一个容器中取日志

  -f, --follow=false Follow log output
  -t, --timestamps=false Show timestamps

port 查看公共的端口经过NATA映射到私有的哪个端口

ps 显示容器,默认只显示当前在运行的容器。

  -a, --all=false Show all containers. Only running containers are shown by default.
  --before="" Show only container created before Id or Name, include non-running ones.
  -l, --latest=false Show only the latest created container, include non-running ones.
  -n=-1 Show n last created containers, include non-running ones.
  --no-trunc=false Don't truncate output
  -q, --quiet=false Only display numeric IDs
  -s, --size=false Display sizes
  --since="" Show only containers created since Id or Name, include non-running ones.

pull 从docker的registry server 拉取镜像

push 推一个镜像到docker registry server

restart 重启一个正在运行的容器

    -t, --time=10 Number of seconds to try to stop for before killing the container. Once killed it will then be restarted. Default=10

rm 删除一个或者多个容器

      -f, --force=false Force removal of running container
      -l, --link=false Remove the specified link and not the underlying container
      -v, --volumes=false Remove the volumes associated to the container

rmi 删除一个或者多个镜像

      -f, --force=false Force
      --no-prune=false Do not delete untagged parents

run 在一个新的容器中运行一个命令

      -a, --attach=[] Attach to stdin, stdout or stderr.
      -c, --cpu-shares=0 CPU shares (relative weight)
      --cidfile="" Write the container ID to the file
      -d, --detach=false Detached mode: Run container in the background, print new container id
      --dns=[] Set custom dns servers
      --dns-search=[] Set custom dns search domains
      -e, --env=[] Set environment variables
      --entrypoint="" Overwrite the default entrypoint of the image
      --env-file=[] Read in a line delimited file of ENV variables
      --expose=[] Expose a port from the container without publishing it to your host
      -h, --hostname="" Container host name
      -i, --interactive=false Keep stdin open even if not attached
      --link=[] Add link to another container (name:alias)
      --lxc-conf=[] (lxc exec-driver only) Add custom lxc options --lxc-conf="lxc.cgroup.cpuset.cpus = 0,1"
      -m, --memory="" Memory limit (format: <number><optional unit>, where unit = b, k, m or g)
      --name="" Assign a name to the container
      --net="bridge" Set the Network mode for the container
                           'bridge': creates a new network stack for the container on the docker bridge
                           'none': no networking for this container
                           'container:<name|id>': reuses another container network stack
                           'host': use the host network stack inside the contaner
      -P, --publish-all=false Publish all exposed ports to the host interfaces
      -p, --publish=[] Publish a container's port to the host
                           format: ip:hostPort:containerPort | ip::containerPort | hostPort:containerPort
                           (use 'docker port' to see the actual mapping)
      --privileged=false Give extended privileges to this container
      --rm=false Automatically remove the container when it exits (incompatible with -d)
      --sig-proxy=true Proxify all received signal to the process (even in non-ttymode )
      -t, --tty=false Allocate a pseudo-tty
      -u, --user="" Username or UID
      -v, --volume=[] Bind mount a volume (e.g. from the host: -v /host:/container, from docker: -v /container)
      --volumes-from=[] Mount volumes from the specified container(s)
      -w, --workdir="" Working directory inside the container

save 保存镜像到一个tar包

      -o, --output="" Write to an file, instead of STDOUT

search 在docker index中寻找镜像

      --no-trunc=false Don't truncate output
      -s, --stars=0 Only displays with at least xxx stars
      -t, --trusted=false Only show trusted builds

start 启动一个停止的容器

      -a, --attach=false Attach container's stdout/stderr and forward all signals to the process
      -i, --interactive=false Attach container's stdin

stop 停止一个容器

    -t, --time=10 Number of seconds to wait for the container to stop before killing it.

tag 给repository 中的镜像进行标记

      -f, --force=false Force

top 显示一个运行的容器里面的进程信息

version 显示docker的版本信息

wait 阻止容器直到容器停止,然后打印退出码

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